Your company Network Administrator should adjust firewall settings to allow connections from Intermedia IP ranges for ALL ports. Make sure the traffic coming in from those ranges is properly NAT-ed to the back-end server. This is the equivalent of being on the network and using regular MAPI instead of RPC over HTTP. 

Important: contact Support to obtain information about Intermedia IP ranges.

In order to use the tool, we need the following information from you:

  1. FQDN of the back-end Exchange server (the source to pull mailbox data from).
  2. Public IP address of the firewall that NATs to the back-end server.
  3. List of UserPrincipalName (UPN's) and sAMAccountName attributes for mailboxes to pull.
    Make sure that:
    • Users are not hidden from the Exchange Global Address List.
    • All users have mailboxes enabled for MAPI. Sometimes, users will be enabled for OWA but not for MAPI.
  4. Exmerge credentials.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Create An Exmerge User for the instructions.
    Alternatively, you can provide a list of passwords with their respective mailboxes.