This article details the answers to the questions about when you can begin using new Unified Communications as a Service/Contact Center as a Service (UCaaS/CCaaS services), and when you will be billed. 

There are a few types of orders you may place over the lifetime of the account:

Initial Order

The first order, or Initial Order, will contain:

  • UCaaS and/or CCaaS licenses;
  • hardware;
  • the complimentary Auto-Attendant;
  • and other optional services you may have requested.

The Initial Order, as quoted by the Sales Representative, must be accepted before we begin processing the order.
Important: the items quoted may be different from the items actually ordered. For more information about the Difference Between A Quote And The First Invoice please refer to this Knowledge Base article. 

Optional Add-On Orders

You may place any number of optional add-on orders over the lifetime of the account.

  1. Toll-Fee or Local Number can be added in HostPilot® Control Panel. Toll-Fee Number Plan can be adjusted after you added this number as an additional number to Auto Attendant, Unified Communications User, Resource line, or Fax line. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Manage Phone Numbers for more information.
  2. You can add UCaaS and/or CCaaS licenses in HostPilot® Control Panel. For more information, read the Knowledge Base article on:
  3. You can order Hardware/Accessories in HostPilot® Control Panel. Read the Knowledge Base article on Ordering Phones on Intermedia Unite for more information.

VoIP Dial Tone Service Begins:

Phone Numbers are active as soon as they are assigned to a service, such as Unified Communications User, Auto Attendant, Webfax, etc. in HostPilot® Control Panel. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Manage Phone Numbers for more information.

Important: Unified Communications User, Resource line, Fax line, Auto Attendant – all those services require a number to be configured and this first number is included for free. Hunt Group requires no DIDs for configuration so any number added to a Hunt Group is considered an additional number and is chargeable.

Devices are active as soon as they are assigned to a service, such as Unified Communications User, Fax, line, or Resource line in HostPilot® Control Panel, connected to the Internet, and rebooted. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Assign and Manage Devices on Intermedia Unite for more information.

Billing Begins:

There are three types of delays for when billing starts after the purchase has been made:

  1. No Delay – most products do not have a delay. Billing starts immediately on the purchase/activation of the product: Resource line, Webfax, Auto Attendant, Additional Local and Toll-Free numbers, etc.
  2. Timed Delay – some products have a set number of days before billing begins.
    1.  Intermedia Unite has a seven-day delay for each license, meaning billing does not begin until seven days after the Intermedia Unite license has been added to the account. You have 7 days to assign a license and a device(s) to a user in order to start using Intermedia Unite.
    2. Local numbers have a thirty-day delay in billing while they are parked (not assigned to a service). If they are parked for greater than thirty-days, then billing will begin. Otherwise, they will be billed according to the user/service that the number is assigned to.
  3. Conditional Delay – a delay in billing is based on a certain condition.
    1. Hardware has a delay based on the shipping date. Billing does not occur on the hardware until the hardware has been shipped. Hardware charges will apply to the account on the billing day of the month (BDOM).
    2. Contact Center Pro/Elite – This product takes time to set up during onboarding. Billing does not begin until onboarding is completed, the product is setup and activated, regardless of when Contact Center licenses are added.
      Note: Contact Center Pro and Elite licenses include an activation fee.

UCaaS/CCaaS services have mixed-billing. You are billed in arrears for the usage you incurred the previous month (i.e. overage usage charges for Domestic Local Calling, Domestic Long Distance, Inbound Toll-Free, AK/HI/PR/VI Inbound Toll-Free, Canada Inbound Toll-Free, or International Long Distance Usage) and for UCaaS/CCaaS services, you are billed one month in advance.

Important: if you add new services during the billing period, charges will be pro-rated for a partial month's service from the date of the order to the next BDOM + charges for the next month.

For more information about the Difference Between A Quote And The First Invoice please refer to this Knowledge Base article.