My Services Control Panel allows you to manage your POP/IMAP mailbox through your web interface. It is located at My Services. Use your full email address and mailbox password to log in.

You will have the following sections available to you. Please note that not all settings can be modified by all users.  The ability to modify data in My Services is controlled by your account administrator.

Manage User Profile and View Setup Instructions

User Settings

This section can be found in the left-hand upper corner of the screen and it includes the following options: 

  • Upload photo
  • Change password
  • Edit profile: redirects to the extended list of user settings which includes options above, individual information fields and allows managing email addresses. The correct mailbox username is also displayed here.
    Edit Profile
  • DOWNLOADS & INSTRUCTIONS: includes downloads of all applications available for this user and short setup instructions for them
    Downloads and Instructions

Manage Mailbox Settings

Mailbox Settings

 The following list of POP/IMAP mailbox settings can be managed in this section:

  • Distribution lists: Allows you to join Distribution lists that exist on the account.
  • Mail forwarding: Allows you to set up forwarding from your mailbox to another email address. There can only be one Forwarding address per mailbox. If more than one mailbox needs to be listed as an alternate recipient, your account administrator MUST create a distribution list so you can add that distribution list as the alternate recipient.
  • Email addresses: this page is where you can add email aliases and select your primary email address. Aliases are multiple references to a single mailbox, and they must be in a domain associated with the Hosted Exchange account. Mail sent to an alias email address will be delivered to the mailbox of the primary address for the user. All mail sent out by the user will have the primary address in the From part of the message.
  • Storage: Provides information on current mailbox size.
  • Autoreply: Allows you to set up automatic out-of-office replies. Click on Autoreply, then check the box Enable autoreply, enter your autoreply message and click Save Changes:
  • Configure Email: Redirects to DOWNLOADS & INSTRUCTIONS page.
  • Login to RoundCube WebMail: Redirects to Webmail

Manage Additional Services

You should see icons of all the services available for this user in this section. When clicking on the icon it will pull up additional details/settings for the service, if it has been already enabled for you. If the service has not been activated for this user yet, it will provide you an ability to request it from your account administrator.

Manage Additional Services