Intermedia provides SmarterStats and AWStats web statistics solutions for Web Hosting customers on newly created accounts, LiveStats (a SmarterStats predecessor) is still being used on old accounts.

To access web statistics page in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel on IIS accounts navigate to Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Website statistics, on Apache accounts navigate to Web/FTP Server > Apache Server > Website statistics.

This article covers the following topics regarding web statistics modules management:

For detailed documentation on each solution refer to the links below:

Default ports

The following ports should be opened in proxy and/or firewall settings to access web statistics:

  • SmarterStats: 9999
  • AWStats: 8888
  • LiveStats.XSP 7: 9999, LiveStats 5/6: 999

If needed, contact your ISP with the request to open connection to the required port.

Usernames and passwords

  • SmarterStats: When you enable a SmarterStats module on your account, you need to specify the password that should be used for it. At a later time the password can be reset from the HostPilot > Web/FTP Server > Web Statistics or via the SmarterStats interface: Settings > Site Settings > Users. Additional users can be created on the same page.
  • AWStats: When you create a Web Hosting account, AWStats password is the same as your Account Owner password. However, it is not updated when you update your HostPilot password. You can reset AWStats password and create additional AWStats users from HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Website Statistics page.
  • LiveStats: When you create a Web Hosting account, LiveStats password is the same as your Account Owner password. However, it is not updated when you update your HostPilot password. To change your LiveStats password, log into LiveStats and click on the Settings button (top right corner of the screen). When the page reloads, click on Account > Username, enter a new password and click on Save. Additional users can be created on the same page. If you forgot your LiveStats password, you can request it from Technical Support.


The quantities shown in the Web/FTP Server > Bandwidth Quota section of the HostPilot are an accurate accounting of the actual packet traffic going out of your web site as recorded by our network routers. These numbers will, in general, be greater than amounts reflected in your AWStats/LiveStats reports and charts.

AWStats/LiveStats does not capture data for several potential sources of traffic including, but not limited to, administrative mechanisms like MS-SQL Enterprise Manager or Terminal Services sessions from your site, some types of file transfers (such as FTP), operations carried out by some scripts and other transactions. For this reason, we recommend that you refer to the Bandwidth Quota pages in HostPilot to monitor your bandwidth consumption instead of relying on AWStats/LiveStats reports or charts to determine your bandwidth usage.

To help you assess the source of bandwidth consumption, you may use LiveStats reports to determine which pages or links are most frequently accessed. Examples of potentially useful reports include Usage By; Bytes/Session, Pages by; Downloads and Pages by; Page Views.

However, this information may or may not correlate to bandwidth used. For example, a single 'hit' to an infrequently used portion of your website might result in the use of many megabytes of bandwidth. Whereas, 10,000 hits to a simple static HTML page might only cost you a few hundred kilobytes of bandwidth.

Intermedia Web hosting services does not offer a mechanism for customers to specifically monitor or determine the source of all bandwidth used.