Extension numbers (a.k.a. NPNs) can be used for internal dialing by account users when they are calling each other. 

They are also used by the Auto Attendant, Hunt Group and Call Queue systems for forwarding calls to users.

Extension requirements and limitations

  1. Each line of service must have an extension number;
  2. Each line of service must have only one extension number;
  3. Extension number must be unique for the account;
    Note: some extension numbers can be already in use - in this case, HostPilot will suggest swapping the extensions after you press Save changes button;
  4. Extension number must meet the length requirements set for the account;
    Note: to change the extension's length for your account call Support.
    The length can be changed account-wide only.
  5. Extensions must be between 3-6 digits;
  6. Extensions must consist of digits only;
  7. Extensions cannot start with a “0” or “9”;
  8. Extensions cannot start with 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, 811 or 911 as they have predetermined routing that will override the extension.
    Ex. 9112 will not dial an extension but instead will call 911.

How to change an Extension Number

  1. Login to HostPilot® Control Panel > Services > SIP-T & PBX 2.0 > Numbers & extensions > click on the DID (phone number) you would like to change the Extension for > User/Phone Info tab > the following page will open:
  2. Remove the current extension;
  3. Type the number you want to use as this person's extension;
  4. HostPilot will validate the entered number;
  5. If HostPilot does not accept the entered extension number, you will see respective pop-ups next to the Extension field;
    If HostPilot accepts the entered extension number, no pop-ups will be displayed;
  6. Click Save Changes;
  7. HostPilot will save the new extension number for the line of service
    Note: In case you entered the extension number which is already in use, HostPilot will prompt you with Warning - Duplicate Extension pop-up:
    press Confirm to swap the extensions;
    press Cancel to go back to option 3 and try another value.

How to swap Users' extension numbers

In case you need to swap extensions for User A and User B there are 2 methods: automatic and manual.

For instance, User A has ext. 100 and User B has ext. 150:

Automatic extension swap:

  1. Navigate to Numbers & Extensions > User A Phone number > User/Phone Info tab;
  2. Delete User A's extension number (100);
  3. Type in the extension 150 > Save changes;
  4. HostPilot will prompt you with Warning - Duplicate Extension pop-up;
  5. Press Confirm to swap the extensions.

Manual extension swap:

  1. Navigate to Numbers & Extensions > User A Phone number > User/Phone Info tab;
  2. Delete User A's extension number (100);
  3. Assign a random available extension > Save changes;
  4. Numbers & Extensions > User B Phone number > User/Phone Info tab;
  5. Delete User B's extension number (150);
  6. Assign ext. 100 to User B > Save changes;
  7. Navigate to User A Phone number > User/Phone Info tab again;
  8. Delete User A's current extension number;
  9. Assign ext. 150 to User A > Save changes.