Users who have Email Archiving enabled for the mailboxes can get the following permissions to Archiving management control panel:

  • User: User is only allowed to view email in My Archive that matches its email address. User permissions level is enabled by default for all users selected for Email Archiving. Users do not have access to Archiving management control panel.
  • Search User: Search User has access to searches created by Search Admin.
  • Search Admin: Search Admin can create searches and manage search settings.    
  • Search Admin Plus: Search Admin Plus can create saved searches and assign individual access to Search Users. They also have access to the administrative reports, retention policies.
    Note: When exchange is disabled for a user in HostPilot, the data from the mailbox remains in the archive and can be accessed by a Search Admin/Search Admin Plus.

Each user can have multiple roles.

Account administrator is granted Search Admin Plus permissions when accessing Archiving management control panel in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel by clicking Access your archiving control panel button:

Access Archiving control panel

To set user permissions to the Archiving management control panel:

  1. Navigate to HostPilot > Services > Compliance > Email Archiving > Mailboxes.
    . Set user permissions for Email Archiving
  2. Click on the existing permission level and select necessary roles.