To install SecuriSync® for Mac:

Download SecuriSync application for Mac. You can download it from HostPilot® Control Panel > Services > SecuriSync > Resourses or HostPilot > Home > Downloads or login to web interface of SecuriSync for any user > Downloads and Instructions. SecuriSync application for Mac is also available here.

  1. Click Continue to begin the installation
  2. Click Continue to accept the license agreement. It can also be saved or printed.
  3. Click Agree to proceed.
  4. Click the Change Install Location button (if needed) to change the install location. Click Install and wait while the package scripts are running
  5. Enter Apple account username and Apple account password > click Install Software.
  6. Click Close to complete the installation.
  7. Launch SecuriSync. Enter your login and password > click Log In. Your SecuriSync folder is ready to use.LaunchSecuriSync

8. Select device type > click Continue
9. Select SecuriSync location > click Continue
10. Select folders to sync > click Open SecuriSync

To upgrade SecuriSync for Mac:

  1. Close SecuriSync application.
  2. Run the installation of new client on the top of the existing client.

To uninstall SecuriSync for Mac:

Refer to the Knowledge Base Article on uninstallation process for up to date instructions.