In this article, you can find how to configure Repeater Mode on a Yealink W52, W56, W60

Repeater mode extends the radio coverage of the base station. The repeater has the same radio coverage as the base station. This feature is especially useful for users who require mobility in large dwellings. If the repeater mode is enabled, and a repeater is registered to the base station, the handset registered to the base station can be used either in the base station or the repeater coverage area, thereby providing users with greater freedom in mobility.

Important: repeater is a totally separate device unit that should be purchased by the customer, themselves, before enabling Repeater Mode on the handset. Enabled Repeater Mode without actual registered repeater unit could be causing problems since there is no repeater present.

To configure the repeater mode via the handset:

  1. Press Ok key to enter the main menu.
  2. Select Settings soft key > System Settings > Repeater Mode.
  3. Press the Change soft key to check the Repeater Mode checkbox.
    The LCD screen prompts “Setting takes effect after base reboot. Reboot now or not?”.
  4. Press the Yes soft key to reboot the base station.
    The base station reboots to make the configuration take effect. The configuration
    applies to all the handsets registered to the same base station.

Note: Repeater mode and Eco Mode+ cancel each other out. These two features cannot be used at the same time. To use repeater mode, make sure both the base station and handset are upgraded to the supported firmware version (x.30.x.40 or later).