This article will guide you through changing user's Primary Email Address and Display Name

To change user's Primary Email Address (UPN):

  1. Login to the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.
  2. Go to Users > click on user's Display Name.
  3. Click on the current email address > type the new email address > click Add > move the Primary Address (UPN) radio button > click Save Changes.
    Change UPN

Note: depending on Exchange and Outlook versions and whether an Autodiscover record is created for your domain, you may need to reconfigure your mail clients (desktop and mobile). If you're experiencing any connectivity issues or password prompts, re-set up your account on the client that is having problems.

Read the following Knowledge Base articles for more information:

Important: if you have SecuriSync services enabled for the user, the login update may take up to 24 hours due to SecuriSync Database propagation. Until the login information is updated, the user should use the old email to log in to SecuriSync services.

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To change user's Display Name:

  1. Login to the HostPilot.
  2. Go to Users > click on user's Display Name.
  3. Click on the current Display Name > type in the new name > click Save Changes.
    Edit User Information

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