This article describes how to configure file sharing over the Internet with a Cloud Server.

File sharing is the public or private sharing of data or space in a network with various levels of access privilege. Before you complete the steps contained in this article, verify that Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server are installed and properly configured. These steps show you how to configure Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) with WebDAV so that Cloud Server can share files over the Internet.

Configuring file sharing over the Internet

To configure file sharing over the Internet:

  1. Start the Server Manager:
  2. Navigate to Roles, scroll down to Web Server (IIS) (expand the section if necessary) and click Add Role Services:
  3. Under Web Server:
    1. Find Common HTTP Features and then select WebDAV Publishing:
    2. Under Security, select Windows Authentication.
      While we strongly recommend you enable Windows Authentication, it is not required. You can enable additional authentication methods of your own choosing. Depending on your configuration, Window Authentication may already be installed.
  4. To complete the set up of WebDAV Publishing, click Next and Install.
  5. In Server Manager, go to Roles > Web Server (IIS) > Internet Information Server (IIS) Manager.
  6. In IIS Manager, expand your Server Name > Sites.
  7. Select the Default Web Site.
  8. Under Actions, click Stop:
  9. Right-click on Sites and select Add New Site:
  10. Name the new site, for example WebDAV, and then select the path you want to share:
  11. To create the new site, click OK.
  12. To dismiss the warning about duplicate binding for *:80, click Yes:
  13. Select the site name. This example uses WebDAV.
  14. In the Feature View under IIS, find and open Authentication:
  15. Disable the authentication methods you do not want to use, including Anonymous Authentication:
  16. Go to the Feature View under IIS and start WebDAV Authoring Rules:
  17. Under Actions, click Add Authoring Rule.
  18. On the Add Authoring Rule screen, select the options for All Content, All Users, as well as Read, Source, and Write:
  19. To create the rule, click OK. WebDAV is now configured to run with Cloud Server.

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Creating more shared folders

To create more shared folders:

  1. Under IIS Manager, right-click on your site. For example, WebDAV.
  2. Select Add Virtual Directory:
  3. Enter values for Alias and Physical Path. For example:
  4. To create the virtual directory, click OK. Use DFS to access this directory. For example:
    \\[Server IP]\User Files

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