An administrator can view all user devices connected to the SecuriSync account and containing SecuriSync data.

View devices

To view user's devices, log in to HostPilot® Control Panel and navigate to Services > SecuriSync > Devices.

The page contains the following information about the user device:

  • Operating System
  • User
  • Device Model
  • Device Name
  • SecuriSync Version
  • Last Access / Sync time
  • End-user backup policy

and allows you to reapply default backup policy and perform a Remote Wipe.

View devices

Device information can also be accessed under Users > click user's Display Name > SecuriSync.

Admin can be notified if an end user logs into a new Desktop or Mobile device.  Email will be sent to the same address where all SecuriSync email notifications are sent. Contact Support to enable this feature.

Remote Wipe

Technical administrators can perform a remote wipe. For example, if a user's laptop or mobile device is stolen or decommissioned, the technical administrator can wipe all SecuriSync data from this particular device. Wiping the device also removes it from the list of Devices. The application will automatically close and log the user out, however, it won`t be deleted.

To wipe the device:

  1. Click Wipe SecuriSync data
  2. Type the current day of the week to confirm
  3. Click Wipe SecuriSync Data.

Wipe SecuriSync data

Note: all SecuriSync data that was set to sync will be wiped from the device.