Call History allows to retrieve Received and Placed call data from their phone. You can also dial the number from these call records.

Note: on a Polycom 2-Line desk phone, the Received Calls record displays both Missed (with the Missed Call icon) and Answered calls.

To check the Call History on the phone:

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Select Features
  3. Arrow down to Call Lists. Select either Received Calls or Placed Calls.

If there are no calls currently in a particular list then the phone will not allow you to select the option for this list. For example, if you press the check key while over Placed Calls option and there are no placed calls in the log, nothing will happen.

You can only delete entries one at a time if you go through the call history.  If you want to delete a group of call records (such as missed calls), choose the call history group you want to delete and choose the delete soft key.

Note: the call lists are automatically cleared when you restart the phone.

To dial out from a call list, press the Right arrow.