You can set up restrictions to allow/restrict access to HostPilot or Intermedia services from specific locations.

Note: to modify IP-based restrictions, Account Contact should have a Contact Manager role, or to be an Account Owner

Enable IP restriction

  1. Log in to HostPilot
  2. Click Account > select Security Policies > IP/Country access

    Note: After the restriction is enabled for Account Contacts, they will be logged out of the HostPilot. User session will not be terminated after restriction is enabled but will show a warning upon next login.

IP restriction options

  • select which list will have higher priority: Safe or Block
  • access Safe/Block list settings by clicking Manage

If the user tries to access the service from an IP that is restricted, they will receive the following notification:

If you uncheck the option to Notify administrator when they are denied access due to this policy the user will see a default warning “Email or password is incorrect”

Safe and Block lists

This section allows you to:

  • Create restrictions based on countries, IPv4 addresses and range of IPv4 addresses
  • add comments to restrictions for clarity
  • select generic of specific notifications for restrictions
  • instantly add current location or IP to the Block/Safe list

Adding entries to the list

To add an entry to Safe/Block list you need to:

  1. click Add entry
  2. select the Type of the entry (IPv4, Country, IPv4 range)
  3. enter the IP value or select the Country from the list
  4. add a Comment (optional)
  5. click Save changes