This article describes the workaround for setting up ring tones for different extension calls on Cisco SPA303 IP phones.

  1. In your web browser address bar type in your phone's IP address and press Enter.

  2. Specify the name of the caller, their number or extension and the ringtone you prefer.

Different ringtones can be set up on the phone itself. Follow the steps below:

  1. In the Directory screen, when New Entry is selected, press the add softkey.
  2. Use the keypad to enter the name of the directory entry. Press the number key multiple times to move to a different letter under that number. (For example, to enter Mary, you would press 6 and pause (for M); then press 2 and pause (for A), press 7 three times rapidly (for R), then press 9 three times rapidly (for Y). Use the delChr softkey to delete letters, the <<< and >>> softkeys to move one character to the left or the right, or the clear softkey to clear the entire name. When finished with the name, use the navigation button to go down to the Number field. 
  3. Enter the phone number including any digits you must dial to access an outside line and the appropriate area code, if necessary. 
  4. To change the ring type for the caller:
    • Press the option softkey.
    • Scroll through the available ring types. 
    • Press the play softkey to play the selected ring tone or the select softkey to assign that ringtone to the person whose number you are adding to the directory. 
  5. Press the save softkey to save the entry.