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The purpose of this article is to explain how to change the display languages on the Yealink.


This article applies to:
Yealink W52

This article 
does not apply to:
Any other phones / devices



The handset supports displaying text in different languages. The handset supports 12 languages: English, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Deutsch, Polski, Czech, Swedish, Hebrew and Russian. The default language of the handset is English. You can change the language according to your requirement.

To change the language of the handset:

  1. Press  to enter the main menu.
  2. Select  -> Language.
  3. Press  or  to highlight the desired language and press the Select soft key.
    The LCD screen prompts “Change phone language to xxx?” (xxx is the language you selected).
  4. Press the Yes soft key to accept the change.
    Text displayed on the handset will change to the selected language.


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