Advisory tones are acoustic signals of your Yealink W52 handset, which inform you of different actions and states. The following advisory tones can be configured independently of each other:

  • Keypad Tone: plays when a user presses any key of the keypad.
  • Confirmation: plays when a user saves settings or places the handset in the charger cradle.
  • Low Battery: plays when the capacity of the batteries is low and the handset requires charging.

To configure advisory tones via the handset:

  1. Press OK to enter the main menu.
  2. Select Settings > Audio > Advisory Tones.
  3. Press Left or Right to select the desired value from the  Keypad Tone field.
  4. Press Left or Right to select the desired value from the Confirmation field.
  5. Press Left or Right select the desired value from the Low Battery field.
  6. Press the Save soft key to accept the change or the Back soft key to cancel.