The purpose of this article is to explain how to use shortcuts on the Yealink W52

There are two types of shortcut on the handset: changeable and unchangeable shortcuts. A feature is preassigned to each shortcut. For example, long press to turn on/off the silent mode, long press to lock/unlock the keypad, press to access the directory and so on.

The changeable shortcuts are the two soft keys and four navigation keys. The available features that can be assigned to each key may vary.

You can assign the frequently used features to the changeable shortcuts of your handset. This helps you get quick access to a feature by pressing the corresponding shortcut directly without having to scroll through the menu when the handset is idle.

Configuring a shortcut via the handset

  1. Press the OK button  to enter the main menu.OK
  2. Select the Settings button.Settings
  3. Choose the Shortcut option.
    The LCD screen displays the changeable shortcuts with features currently assigned to them.
  4. Highlight the desired shortcut.
  5. Press the Change soft key to access the available features.
    The feature currently assigned to the selected key is highlighted and followed by a left arrow.
  6. Highlight the desired feature.
  7. Press the OK soft key to accept the change.