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The purpose of this article is to explain how to activate, and deactivate Do Not Distrub on the Yealink W52 Handset


This article applies to:
Yealink W52

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Any other phones / devices


You can activate or deactivate the DND mode on a per-line basis. If DND mode is activated for a specific line, all incoming calls to the line will be rejected automatically, and the callers will hear a busy tone.

To activate DND mode for a specific line via the handset:

1. Press  to enter the main menu.

2. Select ->Do Not Disturb.

The LCD screen displays the incoming lines currently assigned to the handset.

3. Press  or  to highlight the desired line, and then press the OK soft key.

4. Press  or  to select Enabled from the Status field.

5. Press the OK soft key to accept the change.

6. The  icon on the status line indicates the DND mode is activated. You can press the Line soft key when the handset is idle to check the line status. The  icon in the bottom of a line indicates that the DND mode is activated for this line. The handset will reject all incoming calls to this line, and the LCD screen displays the missed call icon followed by the number of missed calls.


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