There are 4 types of reports available in the Email Archiving control panel:

To generate a report:

  1. Navigate to Reports tab in the Email Archiving control panel
  2. Select the type of report, format options, date range and sort options and click Create Report. Report will be sent out to the email address specified on the Setting tab in the Email Archiving  control panel.

    Note: by default, the email address for reports is a non-accessible email. Contact Support to have it changed.
    Generate Report

Activity by User Report

This report displays all user activity that occurs in the archive. The report will display the username that made the action along with the date on which it occurred and how many times the action occurred. Actions may include: creating a search, Downloading a message, logging into the archive, accessing a search etc.
Activity By User

Activity by UI Action

This report displays much of the same activity events as the Activity by User Report, however this report will sort the UI Activity first instead of the User. This report also displays the username that initiated the UI activity along with the date it occurred on and how many times the activity occurred.
Activity By UI

Activity by Date

Much like the last two reports this report will display user activity in the archive. The events in this report will be sorted by date and which events occurred on a specific date.
Activity By Date

Collection by Date

This report will display collection activity for the archive. Specifically, the report will show how many items were collected for a specific date along with the size of the collection.