Password Policy allows you to manage password complexity requirements and expiration period for this account. Read Knowledge Base article on default Account Contacts Password Requirements.

You can set up a custom Password Policy for all account contacts on the account the following way:

  1. HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Account > Security Policies > Contacts password policy
    Contact Password Policy
  2. Click Enable Custom Policy
    Enable Policy
  3. Specify custom policy settings:
    • minimum password length
    • password complexity
    • password expiration period
      Note: The first password expiration notification is sent 5 days before the expiration date.
      Note: The password expiration can be reduced but cannot be disabled or extended beyond 365 days. Unchecking the password expiration box will reset password expiration to the 365 days default.
    • account contact lock settings
      and click Save Changes.
      Password Policy

    Note: If you enable password expiration you can check the password expiration date for individual account contact by navigating to HostPilot > Account > Account contacts > click on Account Contact Display Name > review Password expiration date
    Shared accounts contacts, who manage several accounts might have the stronger password policy enabled on other accounts. The strongest compilation of policies will be applied to this shared account contact

    Expiration policy