This article is an overview of the Intermedia AppID setup process. Click the AppID icon on the Home page under Services to access the AppID module:

 Intermedia AppID homepage

On the main page, the following tabs are available:

Intermedia AppID homepage


This page is an overview of your AppID usage. You can manage users, apps and view reports from this page and access Get Started and FAQ materials.

For more information about end-user experience, read the Intermedia AppID: User's Quick Start Guide Knowledge Base article.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia AppID: Frequently Asked Questions for answers to most frequently asked questions.


You can manage supported application settings and add custom applications on the Applications page.


You can view AppID usage reports by your users on this page.


You can share one set of credentials with a group of users. Groups are based on exisitng Distribution Lists. Read the Knowledge Base article on IntermediaAppID: Groups for more information.


On this page, you can manage such AppID settings as:

  • logo and session timeout
  • application default dashboard settings
  • Two-factor authentication