After you set up Intermedia AppID, you can manage the applications available for the end-users.

In addition to supported applications, you can add custom apps. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia AppID: Adding Custom Applications for more information.

Apps can be viewed on the Services > AppID > Applications page. You can choose to view All applications, Custom applications, Available applications, Unavailable applications, Predefined applications or New arrivals.

Apps View

To review application settings, find the application in the list and click on the app name:
Settings Icon
You can also see how many users are using this app, which default setting and group settings are selected for this app.


All supported applications are pre-configured and ready for use, but changes to some app settings can be made.

Note: it is not recommended to change any settings for supported apps.

You can change the following settings:

  • Application name
  • Domain
    If the subdomain exists for the application, you may need to change the domain name (for example, instead of
    Note: http, www or / are not needed.
  • Login page URL
    Login page URL is the login page of the application. This address is used as a link for application in the User Portal. Full URL of the app is needed (for example,

You can also choose application default dashboard setting:

  • Available - the application can be added and deleted from the dashboard by users
  • Unavailable - the application won't be available to users on the Add Apps page
  • Predefined - the application will be always shows in the user's dashboard and cannot be deleted by users

Click Save changes to save the changes.

Manage Settings


On the Credentials tab, you can view if any shared credentials exist for the app. Shared credentials can be:

  • added - click Add new credentials and enter Login, Password and Name on end-user dashboard (how account will appear for the users)
    Add new credentials
  • edited - click Edit to modify Login, Password or Name on end-user dashboard
    Edit credentials
  • assigned to a group - click Assign to, select the group and click Assign
    Assign credentials
  • unuassigned from a group - click Assign to, check the box next to the group from which you want to unassign credentials and click Unassign
    Unassign credentials
  • removed - click Remove > Remove
    Remove credentials

Read the Knowledge Base aritcl on Intermedia AppID: Groups for more information.

Group dashboard settings

On the Group dashboard settings tab, you can review app default setting, the list of groups currently using the app and which dashboad setting is selected for them.

To modify app default setting, click Change default. You will be redirected to the Settings tab. Choose the setting and click Save Changes.
Change default setting

To modify app dashboard setting for a group, click on the current setting next to the group name, choose the setting and click Confirm.
Change group setting