This article contains instructions on how to set up your Auto Attendant:

  1. Decide how your calls should be routed during the business hours and after hours. Should all phones be ringing or you need only one receptionist phone to be ringing? What needs to happen when no one picks up? Choose the solutions that fit your business needs. Consider using Hunt Groups and Call Queues. Both Call Quees and Hunt Groups can be accessed under Hunting/Queing Tab:
    Hunt Group
  2. Set up Menus per our detailed instructions. Set up call routing and Menu options available for caller. Assign actions to menu options. 
  3. Choose Auto Attendant activity periods. Using the Weekly schedule specify the periods for business hours menu to be active, after hours menu to be active and any other menus to be active. This way menus will be switching automatically between each other at the time and the day that you will specify, without you having to login each time and switching it manually.
    Navigate to Menus> Weekly Schedule tab> Turn it On > Choose days for specific menu to be active> Choose menu> Choose start time for this menu. Repeat the same steps for another menu(s).
    Weekly schedule
  4. Record and/or upload the greetings, that will provide caller with informatin about menu options, information about your company.
    You can record a menu or bulletin greeting from any phone. To get the instructions on doing it, click on Script button next to the menu or bulletin you wish to record a greeting for.
    record greeting
    You can also upload greetings from files on your computer. To do so, click on menu/bulletin you're uploading the greeting for and click Choose file under Greeting. 
  5. Make a test call.
  6. In case if you have questions review the Auto Attendant FAQ.