There are several ways for you to set up your Voicemail PIN for the first time, or resetting it if you've forgotten it.

Set up from the Phone

1) You will need to select the voicemail (VM or Mgs) button on the phone.

2) You will be prompted for the PIN. The default PIN for a new line of service will be “0000” and you will be immediately prompted to change your PIN to a permanent PIN. (Your PIN will need to be 6-10 digits)

Set up from HostPilot

1) If you have previously set up your PIN and you need to reset it, you can access the Administrative web portal to reset your voicemail PIN in the event you lost it, don't remember it, or have locked yourself out.

  1. Log into your HostPilot web portal as the admin and select Voice Services.
  2. Select Numbers & Extensions on the left hand side.
  3. Locate the phone number or extension that you would like to reset the voicemail PIN for and then select the link that says “Change PIN”.
  4. A pop-up window will appear with a box to type in the new PIN and a second box to retype the new PIN.  Be sure to follow the 3 rules listed at the top of the pop-up window when selecting your new PIN.
  5. The check box that says “User must reset PIN” is optional. This will allow you to create a temporary PIN that will need to be changed to a permanent PIN when the user signs in with the new PIN originally. If you prefer to keep the PIN you set in the pop-up window as the permanent PIN, you must leave this box “unchecked”.
  6. When you have typed and retyped the new PIN, click on the “Change PIN” button to save the changes.
  7. Your new PIN (temporary or permanent) is now set and ready to be used to access the voicemail box of that extension.