1) Log in to your HostPilot account as the Administrator and select Voice Services.

2) Select Numbers & Extensions and then select the link "Number Porting Experience".

3) The status of your port will be listed under "Status".

For HPBX 2.0 services in case if you have already contacted customer service or sales to enter a service order to port your numbers, the porting order will already be partially pre-entered and shown in “Waiting for You” status.

In order to edit the existing number porting request navigate to the Number Porting Status page. Make sure you have an Active session in HostPilot by hitting your browser refresh button. The status page will show you the list of all number porting requests with the following statuses:

  • Completed: We have successfully ported the number(s) to our network. Check to make sure that they are routing as you wish, then contact your previous service provider to cancel any numbers/services you no longer need from them.
  • In Progress: We currently have all necessary information from you and are working on your port order. We have/are submitting it to our carrier and your current service provider. We have/will provide an Estimated Porting Date based on timeframe you requested and soonest date available from your current service provider. If all information you submitted matches the information currently on file with your service provider, we will provide you a Confirmed Porting Date. Please check this status ever few days for any updates. If we require additional information, we will provide detailed instructions in an email from the associated Footprints case.
  • Waiting for you: We need some additional information from you.
    • The LOA Wizard may be need to be completed. Please visit https://kb.intermedia.net/Article/21209 for more information.
    • If you had not previously submitted a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for these numbers, please start the LOA Wizard by pressing the "Revise LOA" button.
    • If you had already submitted an LOA for these numbers and we notified you of an issue from the associated Footprints case,  first review the instructions in that case. If we instructed you to submit a new LOA then Press Revise LOA to  enter to the Edit Mode.
    • In both cases, start the LOA wizard and follow the steps to submit your LOA.
  • Cancelled: Indicates that your order to port the numbers shown has been cancelled. You may have contacted us to cancel it or we have had to cancel it because we have not received from you the necessary information to proceed. 
  • Scheduled: We have received a firm commitment date from your current phone company to port the numbers. This means that port order is now final and confirmed; any changes/cancellations made after this will incur charges. 

This page also shows:

  • The Footprints case number, which you can provide to support representative. We will be sending emails with this case number in the subject field in which you can find further information and instructions.
  • Number(s) to port.
  • Estimated Porting date - this is the date we have requested to port with your current service provider based on the dates they have available, the timeframe you indicated to us, and the nature of your port order and current services.  This is not yet confirmed.  Any changes to your port order will require your order to start over again, usually with a new estimated porting date.
  • Confirmed Porting Date - this date has been confirmed with your current service provider; we will port your numbers on this date. Any changes to your port order including request to change this date may incur charges.