This article describes password recovery for the HostPilot logins.

  1. First, you will need to access the HostPilot Login Page:

  2. Next, you will need to determine if you log in under the For Admins tab or the Voice Services tab.  Below is a description of both since each will take you to different areas of your account and require different login credentials to gain access:

    1. For Admins: This is the login section for the administrators on the account that have full access to account details, auto attendants, fax services, devices, users, as well as any additional features with Intermedia that you are signed up for.  This login requires the email address on file as the username and letter/number combination for the password. For more information on resetting your Admin password, please visit:

    2. Voice Services: This is the login section to gain access to one particular number on the account, such as the auto attendant, fax line, or a specific deskphone on the account.  This is not full access to the account and provides information and access to that specific number only.  This login requires the 10-digit phone number as the username (no dashes) and the 6 to 10-digit PIN as the password.