In most scenarios, the PC Backup client silently auto-upgrades. However, it does not happen so when end-users do not have admin rights on their machines or, when they do have rights, but they do not enter their admin credentials when prompted by the update.

To find out the version of the client on Windows systems, please right-click on the PC Backup icon in the system tray and choose "About". Or, you can find the version on the Welcome tab of the main settings window:

PC Backup about section

If for the reasons described above the client could not auto-update, you can trigger the update process by initiating a backup. When the backup is starting, the client will check whether a newer version is available and, if it is, it will download the update and prompt you for admin credentials. It takes some time to download the newer version, so please allow some time to pass. The prompt will show up after several minutes, depending on your Internet connection.

PC Backup settings


To find out the version of the client on Mac systems, please click on the PC Backup icon in the menu bar and open PC Backup Preferences. Here, you will see the version:

 PC Backup Mac

Next to it, you will see the small "Check for updates" arrow. You can initiate the update process by clicking on this arrow and entering administrator credentials when prompted.

For your reference, current Windows version is 2.24 and current Mac version is 2.12.