In addition to pre-configured supported applications, Intermedia AppID allows you to add other applications as custom. Technical Administrator role with AppID service enabled is required.

Note: local sites are supported but will work only from machines inside your network.

To add custom applications:

  1. Login to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel as Administrator. 
  2. On the Services > Intermedia AppID > Applications page, click Add custom apps
    Add Custom App
  3. Fill in the application settings:
    • Application name
    • Domain
      Domain name needs to be entered without www or https:// prefixes. No forwardslash/backslash is needed at the end (for example,
    • Login Page URL
      Enter the full address (link) of the login page of the application. http:// or https:// prefixes are required.
  4. Select category
    Note: categories are pre-created and cannot be added or edited at this time
  5. Upload a logo
    Note: Image size should be 145x45px.
  6. Choose application default dashboard setting:
    • Available - the application can be added and deleted from the dashboard by users
    • Unavailable - the application won't be available to users on the Add Apps page
    • Predefined - the application will be always shown in the user's dashboard and cannot be deleted by users
  7. Click Add.
    Note: if you need to create an app with multi-field, contact Support.
    Add Custom App

Note: unlike pre-configured apps, Custom apps cannot be hidden from Single Sign-On. Custom apps can only be deleted.

Important: some apps may require advanced settings. Once an app is configured, test if the Single Sign-On is working properly.