You can share content with any external users, even if they haven't been added to your account by the account administrator. There are 2 types of external users:

  1. External users without SecuriSync 
  2. External users with SecuriSync (cross-org sharing)

Sharing with external users without SecuriSync

To share a folder or a file, click Share, type an email address for an external user, specify the level of permissions and click Share.

Note: The highest level of permissions you can set for external collaborator is Modify.


If account administrator allowed you to invite external collaborators you will see share status as has not accepted the invitation yet. If you were not enabled with Invite external users permission you will see pending admin approval status till administrator confirms your sharing invitation.

Use Reinvite option to resend sharing invitation.

The external user is going to receive the following notification and will need to create an account.


Such users are considered external collaborators. These users:

  • can collaborate on files and folders you shared with them;
  • can upload personal data to SecuriSync, which will occupy account disk space;
  • cannot share data that they uploaded.

Sharing with external users with SecuriSync (cross-org sharing)

Cross-org shares are shares established between SecuriSync users on two subscribing SecuriSync customer accounts. 

To share a folder or a file, click Share, type an email address for an external user, choose the level of permissions from the drop-down list and click Share.

You will receive a prompt about sharing being restricted and will have an option to share with weblink.

The permissions between a shared folder and web links are matched the following way:

  • Co-Owner & Modify permission will be converted to "Download & Upload" web link permission
  • View permission will be converted to "View & Download" web link permission

IMPORTANT: If you already have cross-org shares on your account, the previous way of sharing will be supported for some time.  You will be notified in advance of deprecation of this functionality.