Even if the user is not added to the account, it is possible to share the content with this external user for collaboration.

This can be achieved using a cross-organization sharing feature. If a user shares a folder with another user in a different organization, a regular share will be established instead of sending a web link.

This type of sharing cannot be established if:

  1. Organizations are on different PODs (SecuriSync servers).
    Servers can be found in SecuriSync web:

  2. Sharing is not available between Direct and Partner platforms.

If one of the above conditions met, the SecuriSync app will suggest establishing sharing by sending a web link with the available permission level.

SrS Negative sharing

In other cases, regular Permission-based sharing will be established.

To share a folder or a file, click Share, type an email address for an external user, specify the level of permissions, and click Share.

Note: The highest level of permissions you can set for external collaborators is Modify.


If the account administrator has Enable sharing with external users Sharing policy enabled, you will see share status with an external collaborator as Has not accepted the invitation yet. If you were enabled with Invite external users' (Pre-approve External Collaborative Sharing) permission, an external user will receive notification and introductory email regarding collaboration. In case this option is not enabled, the notification will not be sent till the administrator confirms your sharing invitation.

Use Reinvite option to resend sharing invitation.

The external user is going to receive the following notification and will need to create an account.


Such users are considered external collaborators. These users:

  • can collaborate on files and folders you shared with them;
  • can upload personal data to SecuriSync, which will occupy account disk space;
  • cannot share data that they uploaded.

Leaving Share

There are 3 ways to stop collaborating on a shared file or folder:

  1. File or folder Owner selects Stop share or clicks on Cross next to the collaborator's name. Appropriate events will appear in the event log on the account (unshared).
  2. Select Leave share in desktop client or web interface. This action results in an event written to SecuriSync event log on the account (stopped collaborating on).
  3. Delete a file or folder you collaborate on from your machine. When deleting, SecuriSync will ask you to confirm that you are leaving a share. This option silently removes a share without any entries seen in the event log on the account.