SecuriSync® is a cloud service provided by Intermedia that allows you to sync files between multiple computers, SecuriSync Web portal and mobile devices, as well as securely share them with your co-workers and external collaborators. The following article describes the mobile SecuriSync client for Windows Phone devices. SecuriSync Mobile is supported on Windows 8.0.

To download and install the appliaction, search for it in Store using the keyword SecuriSync.

Login to SecuriSync

After the application is installed, it requires you to login. Type in the email address and password and tap Login.

Main Screen

From the Main Screen you can view and search the content and display the settings. Tap the ellipsis icon to review available options.

Share files/folders

Files and folders can be shared in SecuriSync by sending a link to a file to the user with whom you would like to share. The user can be both from inside and from outside your organization.

To share a file/folder, tap the file/folder name and tap the Send Link icon.

On the file management page, you can also open a file using installed applications.

Protect link with a password

You can also protect the link with a password or stope share via link.

Search content

To search content:

  1. tap the Search icon;
  2. enter the search query;
  3. tap Enter on the keyboard.

A list of all files and folders containing the search query will be shown.

Send feedback or log out

To view the application settings, tap the Settings icon. You can either send feedback using one an existing email account or log out.