Known Issues

These issues affect the current firmware version, 1.01.02:

  1. The built-in software firewall is unstable, intermittently blocking phone registration. 
  2. The router intermittently crashes, dropping calls and breaking other phone features due to an unstable firmware.
  3. The DHCP server is also unstable.


  1. Replace the router with a compatible one. 
  2. Intermedia cannot set up the new router for you, but your IT or the manufacturer of your new router can help you. They will need to move settings from the old to the new router to ensure your computers and other devices on the network work properly.

Temporary Resolution

  1. Making the changes below will only temporarily resolve some of the problems with this router.  Many of the known issues will continue to persist unless you replace this router with a recommended or serviceable one.
  2. Login to the router by putting the IP address in the URL bar in any internet browser. The default IP is
  3. Click on the Vizio Router icon > Write down the Firmware Version number
  4. Next to Firewall > click on Advanced > Make the following changes:
    • SPI Firewall Protection: Off
    • Filter Anonymous Internet Requests: Uncheck
    • Filter Multicast: Leave checked or unchecked
    • Filter NAT Redirection: Leave checked or unchecked
    • Filter IDENT (Port 113): Leave checked
    • Web Filter: Leave these options unchecked
    • Click Save Changes
  5. This step only needed if you have or plan to purchase Polycom phones.
    • Make sure to do this step at a time when you can take your computers and phones offline for 5 minutes or longer and the change is made.
      • Go back to the Router status page > Where it says Router IP > click on the Advanced button to the right > Enter the following:
        • Static DNS 1:
        • Static DNS 2:
  6. Reboot the router, phones, computers, and make sure all devices can reach the internet after they are rebooted.
  7. If the phones still fail to register or experience other problems:
    1. Check to see if Vizio released any new firmware updates to address known firewall and DHCP server bugs
    2. If the firmware is newer than 1.01.02, then call Vizio for help updating your router to the new firmware version.
    3. If the issue persists even after the new firmware is applied, then you will need to replace the router with a compatible one.