Directory Listing service allows you to list your phone numbers and company information in 411 and 555-1212 services, as well as most online directories. To list your numbers, contact Intermedia Support and provide the following for each number being listed:

  • phone number
  • company name or contact name, depending on what you would like to have listed
  • address (it needs to be submitted but you can choose whether you would like it listed or not)

Depending on your type of service, you may also have to submit a 411 listing form which will be provided to you by Intermedia Support. Submitting the listing to the national database takes approximately two weeks and it may take up to 8 weeks for some directory providers to get updated information.

For Hosted PBX 2.0 service, one listing per account is complimentary. For other types of services and additional information, contact Intermedia Support.