Welcome to the new HPBX Admin Portal

In late 2014, Intermedia will be integrating the AccessLine Admin Portal for Digital Phone Service into Intermedia’s HostPilot control panel. The control panel provides Intermedia customers with one login, one password, one bill and one source of support, which provides tremendous cross-service efficiencies for both users and administrators. Please note, no changes will occur to your monthly charges as a result of this migration.

Logging In and accessing the new HPBX Admin Portal

Prior to the migration, the Admin Portal was accessed via the Intermedia login page for AccessLine customers, currently located at: https://www.intermedia.net/accesslinelogin/index.asp.


Once migrated to the new HPBX Admin Portal, this login page will no longer function and will help guide you to the Intermedia login page, located at https://exchange.intermedia.net/aspx/Login.aspx.


To login to your new HPBX Admin Portal, please use the Administrators section. Enter the same user name and password you have always used for the Admin Portal.


Once you have successfully logged in, you are now viewing your Intermedia HostPilot control panel. From here you may:

  • Access your HPBX Admin Portal.
  • Order new Intermedia services.
  • Manage your account contacts.
  • View billing information such as:
    • Plan & Pricing Information.
    • Current Balance.
    • Billing and Company Information.


Choose your portal

Once logged into the HostPilot control panel, to locate the HPBX Admin Portal:

  1. Under the ‘Your Services’ section, click on ‘Voice Services’.
  2. Choose which Admin Portal you wish to see*.

    *For a few weeks following the migration, you will still be able to login to the previous version of the Admin Portal.


After selecting Voice Services, to login to the new HPBX Admin Portal, choose the ‘Try new design!’ button.


To login to the AccessLine DPS Admin Portal, chose the ‘Use old version’ link.


We encourage you to try the new version of the portal as over time, we will be retiring the current version.


The new HPBX Admin Portal contains all the same functionality you are used to, with some useful improvements.

  • Navigation links have been moved to the left hand side of the web page for consistency with other Intermedia web portals and some functions have been re-organized for easier navigation.

  • The Resources section now provides you with easy access to helpful guides and downloads.



  • Billing information has been moved up to HostPilot and may be viewed by clicking on the Account link.



At Intermedia we value your feedback. Please feel free to click on the Feedback button, located in the lower right corner of the HPBX Admin Portal to provide your feedback to our Product Management team.