This article describes the basic steps that can be performed if you are missing an email/emails. Follow the steps below to figure out why you are not getting emails.

I am not getting any emails

I use Intermedia for mail filtering

If you are not getting any emails, it is most likely that the MX records set up for your domain do not point to Intermedia. Check where they point to on such websites as MXtoolbox by putting your domain name into the search field and selecting MX Lookup

To find the correct values for MX records, log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Home > Exchange servers and settings. Use the syntax that you will see under MX records. Here is an example of what it should look like:

Note: XXX is your Exchange domain.
Important: to protect your account information we cannot publish your Server names in public Knowledge Base.

Once the MX records are updated and propagated, you will start getting emails sent to your domain. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is An MX Record? What Is The Correct Syntax For MX Records? What Is Priority? for more information.

I use a third-party solution for mail filtering

If you use a third-party solution for mail filtering, double-check that emails are being forwarded correctly from your mail filter to Intermedia. To get the forwarding setup instructions, contact Support.

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I am not getting emails from a particular sender

If you are not getting emails from a particular sender, there are several things that you can check.

  1. Do you see this email in OWA? Try running a search against all emails by clicking on the search field when logged into OWA. If you can locate the missing email there, it means that your Outlook client does not sync the mail from the server properly. Review the steps described in this article and see if they help resolve the issue.
  2. If the email is also missing in OWA, make sure that the sender's email address or domain is not added to the blocked senders lists in your Outlook clientOWAQuarantine area if applicable as well as it is not blocked on the account-wide level.
  3. If blocking of the sender's address does not seem to be the issue, ask the sender if he is getting any bounce back messages when emailing you. If so, ask him to provide the full text of the bounce or the bounce back message itself attached as an MSG file and then contact Support.
  4. If you are Account Administrator, you may also try running a message trace using the Email Protection Message Tracking tool to see if the message passed through our mail filters and if it did, where it went to further.
    Note: it is possible that the message did not pass the basic connection checks and was rejected on the initial level of mail filtering. Contact Support if you are unable to find the message using the Email Protection Message Tracking tool.

If the steps above did not help, contact Support and provide the following information:

  • sender's email address
  • recipient's email address
  • date/time when the message was sent (including the time zone)
  • subject line
  • IP address of the sending side

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