This article describes Intermedia Office Apps installation and Sign In process. Read Knowledge Base article on How to Sign In to Office Apps On ActiveSync Devices? for instructions on how to set up and sign in on mobile devices.

Install Office Apps for Windows

  1. Download Office Apps. Read Knowledge Base article on
    Intermedia Office Apps End User Download Instructions And System Requirements for more details.
  2. Run the .EXE file, and allow it to download and install office to your computer.  Getting StartedInstallation Progress
  3. Wait until Office completes installation.
    Note: Office Activation will be done after the installation. Installation Complete
  4. The installation is completed. Click Done to exit the installer.

Sign In to Intermedia Office Apps for Windows

You will now want to sign in to Intermedia Office Apps after installation. You may do this anytime from any installed App. Please note, that the Intermedia Office Apps credentials may differe from your usual user login and password and can be found in the Welcome email you recieved when the services were enabled. If you cannot locate the email with the credentials, please, contact you account administrator.

  1. Open the App. It would ask you to Activate Office. If it did not ask, click on Sign In to Get Most of out of Office in the right-top corner.
  2. Type in your Intermedia Office Apps login > Next.
  3. Type in your Intermedia Office Apps password > Sign In.
    Activation Steps

Read Microsoft Office tutorials and watch videos for more information about Apps for Windows:

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Install Office Apps for Mac

  1. Download Office Apps. Read Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Office Apps End User Download Instructions And System Requirements for more details.
  2. Run .DMG file installer.
  3. Follow the installation steps.
  4. Accept the License Agreement and enter your Mac password.
  5. Specify Install Location for Office and follow further installation steps. 

Note: it is not possible to install Office Apps together with Office 2015. In order to install Office Apps you need to uninstall Office 2015.

Read Microsoft Office tutorials and watch videos for more information about Apps for Mac:

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Installation Errors

We Found a Problem

We found a problem! indicates you already have some Microsoft products installed which prevent Intermedia Office Apps to be installed. Remove specified programs or download another version of Intermedia Office Apps (e.g. 32-bit instead of 64-bit).


Read Microsoft Office article on Why can’t I start my Office 2013 application? if you face any issues after the installation.

Please Free Up Some Disk Space

Please free up some disk space indicates you do not have enough disk space available for installation. Free some disk space to continue.

Read Microsoft Office support article on Troubleshoot Office installation with Microsoft  365 for business if you face any other issues.

Note: after the installation you will be asked to log in to Microsoft Office portal. If your credentials do not work on the page go to and try again.

Installation of Office 2016/Office 2013 hangs at 90%

Scenario: unable to complete Office 2013/Office 2016 installation on Windows 7 machine. The installation wizard hangs at 90%. 

Causes: it was reported by Microsoft that Office installer might get interrupted with Windows updates installer.


Stop Windows updates installer: wusa.exe

  • on the affected PC open the task manager >  SHOW PROCESSES FROM ALL USERS > wusa.exe>  End task

Once wusa.exe is stopped the Office will be successfully installed.


Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) application not found

When trying to open the Mail icon in the Windows Control Panel, the following error occurs:

 "Explorer.exe  Application not found"


Seems to be occurring on 64-Bit machines where a user had installed 32-Bit Office 2016 from the Microsoft 365 portal.

Workaround One: Run the mail applet directly from the command line

  1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up the run dialog
  2. Paste the following:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\MLCFG32.CPL

Workaround Two: Run the mail applet from Outlook 2016

If you are in Outlook you can run the control panel mail applet from within Outlook by going to File and clicking on account settings, at the bottom of the account settings drop-down you should see a “Manage Profiles” button, which will take you into the mail applet.


Switch Accounts and Sign Out

Office allows you to connect few accounts to one Office package. In order to add second account click on Switch Account > Add Account > follow Sign In steps described above.

To Sign Out of Office click on Switch Account > Sign Out > Sign Out next to necessary account > confirm Sign Out action.

You will get a prompt >click on Yes to Sign out.

If you don't have access to a device but you want to sign out of Office, you may manage devices by logging to your Microsoft account.

  1. Log in using your Intermedia Office Apps credentials.
  2. On the Home page choose "Other install options" from the drop-down list. 
    Other install options
  3. Navigate to "View apps & devices".
    View apps & devices
  4. Sign out of Office on old devices. 
    View apps & devices