This article is an overview of Secure Mail Tools & Settings which allow users to customize Secure Mail according to thier needs. User may access this application from Start > Programs > Tools & Settings, or from Outlook plugin: Secure Mail > Tools & Settings.

Important: Secure Mail is not supported on Mac OS and cannot be installed on the terminal server.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Secure Mail System Requirements for more information.

ID & Password Tools contains infomration about all activated Secure Mail ID. There you may:


Also you may see Renew your Secure ID message. You will need to enter Secure ID password in order to send encrypted messages.

Renew Secure ID

Secure Mail contains customization options. There you may:

  • Change the reminder prompts when the message is sent (prompt to secure the message every time, or only when the message contains sensitive information).
  • Change how non-subscribers view your secure messages (answer your security questions to view the message, or register online to view the message).
  • Change message decryption settings.
  • Change Secure message format.
  • Set automatic encryption of messages (always, based on recipients, based on content).
  • Configure additional certificates for digital signing and encrypting in Outlook.
  • Change password prompting options (propmp every time email is sent, or once per session).
  • View Secure Mail Tutorial.


ver 7.2.1 (or older) contains plugin Logs. There you may:

  • View detailed information on plugin and all plugin componetns.
  • Manage Logs. 
  • Change plugin language.


You may also customize some settings right in Outlook plugin. There you may:

  • Creare new encrypted message.
  • Add Contact to Trusted ones.
  • Open Tools & Settings.
  • Change reminder prompt options.
  • Get help with Secure Mail.