If Administrator of the account needs to store user’s files locally, he may download them from HostPilot.

Login to HostPilot > Services > PC Backup > click on user > Restores.


On PC Backup dashboard click on necessary restore for backup overview and information regarding daily backed up files. You may export the results to .CSV file, download partial backups, and choose files to restore. Click on Choose file To Restore to access backed up files. You may restore all files or select specific ones.


To restore all files at once check the box next to Restore name > on right-side panel click on Restore All Files…


To select specific files and folders click on Restore name > select Backup Sets or necessary folders (e.g. C:/Users) > click on Actions panel.

Actions panel allows you to download all/selected files in a specific folder, select date to restore from, include Deleted files. For specific files it also allows to view versions of backed up files. Use Large Download Option to download files and folders to one zipped file.