If you are getting the following pop-up messages:

You've exceeded the size limit on your mailbox
Exceeded the size limit on your mailbox


You've exceeded the storage limit for your mailbox
Exceeded the storage limit for your mailbox OWA

when you are trying to send a message in Outlook client or OWA, that means that there is currently a storage limit in place for your mailbox and you have exceeded it.

To prevent the issue from happening, you can enable admin or user notifications so that an email would be sent once the storage reaches 90% (under Services > Mailboxes > click on the Display Name > Storage Management)

To resolve the issue, you can choose from 3 different options:

  • updating/disabling the Send Limit and/or Send & Receive Limit of the mailbox under HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Mailboxes > click on the usename > Storage Management
    Updating the limits
  • removing old mailbox data
    Note: The items will be permanently deleted
  • archiving some of the mailbox items (read the Knowledge Base article on Overview Of Data Archiving Options for more information)

Important: storage limits are updated every 2 hours so it might not be able to see the changes right away.