OWA 2016

In OWA 2016 you can add images to a signature with the Insert pictures inline option. In OWA, go to Settings (gear sign) > Options > Mail > Email signature.

OWA 2016 Signature

OWA 2010/2013

There's no such option in OWA 2010 and OWA 2013. Follow the steps below to add an image to your signature in Outlook Web App 2010/2013.

Note: Entering HTML code does not work either since it is not automatically recognized.

Important: Mozilla Firefox was tested and proved to work well. The image should be accessible on the Web and have a URL which can be used to bring it up in a browser. Pictures added from Google Chrome may not show properly in the signature, as Chrome encodes the images differently.

  1. Open the image you want to add in a browser window.
  2. Right-click the image and choose Copy.

    Copy Image

  3. Open OWA and go to Options > Settings > Mail to edit your signature.
  4. Use Ctrl+V to paste the image you copied since context menu is not available. Check the box for automatic signature addition if needed.

    Edit Signature

  5. If automatic addition is disabled, add your signature to a new message using Insert > Your Signature.

    New Email