New Features

Administrator Audit Trail report – The new Audit Trail report displays all administrator actions such as policies creations, modifications and deletions.

Policy-branding – Each email policy displays a branding field on the outbound email policies list. A brand consists of set of policies, text, and images to control the look and feel of the Message Pick Up Center. For details on creating your own brand, please contact our Support team.

Customizable footer for decrypted messages – Decryption Email Footer allows you to append HTML-formatted text to all successfully decrypted messages.

Delete Policy button – For convenience, a Delete button is added to each policy on the Outbound Email Policies page.

Policy-specific mail server settings – SMTP server can now be specified on a per-policy basis. Policy-level SMTP settings override any existing profile and system-level SMTP settings.

Copy Administrator – Policies can now be configured to send an enveloped clear text copy of a flagged message to one or more administrators. The copy administrator field accepts a comma-separated list of administrator email addresses.

Drag-and-Drop Policy Ordering – You can now drag and drop polices to change the order in which they are applied. If you are opposed to dragging and dropping the old up/down arrow method still works as well.


Feature Improvements

Improved Reporting – Detailed Report no longer requires a sender address or message ID, provided that a profile is specified and the date range is limited to one day or less

Improved support for large keyword lists (100KB+) – EMG now supports keyword and recipient lists larger than 100KB.

View failed-delivery-related exceptions in EMG – If a message cannot be delivered; any exceptions thrown by that message appear in the Details column of the message manager report for that message.

Expanded Character-set support – EMG adds support for additional character sets including UTF-7 and ISO-8859-8-I.