You may find the error message

We found a problem!

when trying to install both Intermedia Office Apps and Skype for Business from HostPilotĀ® Control Panel on the same computer.

Why does the error appear?

It occurs because of the technology type installers use. Intermedia Office Apps installer is Click-to-Run version while Skype for Business is MSI. You can't install Office products of the same version (2013/2016) on one computer.

Moreover, two different versions of Click-to-Run packages on the same machine are not supported either. For instance, you won't be able to install both Office 2013 and Office 2016 applications that use Click-to-Run technology on one computer.

How can I resolve it?

In order to resolve the issue, you will need to download a Click-to-Run installer of Skype for Business:

x32 bit

x64 bit