Important: if you do not have a valid phone number or alternative email address assigned to your mailbox, you need to contact your Account Administrator to recover your password.

How do I specify an alternative email address or a cell phone number?

The article describes the password recovery process for OWA, My Services, SecuriSync, Intermedia Unite and Intermedia AnyMeeting. You may recover your password using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to login page
  2. On For users tab type in your mailbox email address and click on Forgot your password? link.
  3. On Password Recovery page type in symbols from CAPTCHA sign > Next.
  4. Select the method for Authorization code delivery: email to your alternate email address or a text message to your cell phone.
  5. Type in Authorization code you have received via the alternative email address or cell phone and new password and type a new password. Read the Knowledge Base article on End Users Password Requirements.

  6. After you click Reset Password, log in to OWA or My Services with your new password.

Read Knowledge Base article on How Do I Reset The Password For A Mailbox? Can I Reset The Password In OWA? for instructions on how to change existing mailbox password.

Why do I see Please contact your Account Administrator notification and cannot recover my password?

You will not be able to change your password using Forgot Your Password? link and need to contact your Account Administrator in the following situations:

  1. Account Administrator restricted your ability to reset your password.
  2. You did not specify an alternative email address or cell phone.
  3. Your account is syncing with a local Active Directory.

How do I specify an alternative email address or a cell phone number? 

You can add an alternative email address and cell phone number to your account on My Services page. 

To do it, log into My Services, click Edit profile, type in the alternative email address in the Alternative email box and click Save changes.
You can also type in your cell phone number in the Mobile box. This number will be used for resetting your password.

Note: Work
, Home and Fax numbers won't be used for resetting the password. There can be only one phone number for this purpose.

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Alternative email