Known Issues

  1. SIP ALG is enabled by default and must be disabled because it causes intermittent issues with phone registration, call/fax failures and other issues.
  2. DHCP DNS servers much be modified to a set of efficient DNS servers to prevent issues with phone registration on Polycom devices.
  3. This is a robust business class router with a large feature set and advanced configuration options. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of information about this device however the configurations below have proven to be effective.


  1. Log into the router
  2. Enter the following commands into the Edgemax Command Line Interface
    • configure
    • set system conntrack modules sip disable
    • commit
    • save
    • exit
  3. Click on Services > DHCP server.
  4. Change the DHCP DNS servers that handles IP addressing the phones. Note that this is only really necessary if you have Polycom phones.
    • Primary DNS
    • Secondary DNS
    • Save
    • Reboot the router, computers and phones