Email Services

How to create new mailboxes and set up Outlook for end-users?
Read our overview of new deployment process

How Onboarding wizard helps you migrate exisiting mailboxes
to the new account?

  1. Creates mailboxes
  2. Migrates existing data over
  3. Configures Mailflow to point to your new account
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Voice Services

What do we do during Voice Services onboarding?

  1. Help set up your system to meet your distinct business needs
  2. Help set up the Automated Attendant so that the incoming calls are handled properly
  3. Work with you to ensure numbers are transferred (ported) and routing correctly to your new system

The Voice Onboarding Experience

Email Archiving

New to setting up archiving for your customer?
Read our Archiving Onboarding guide

Office Apps

Want to know how to set up the office for the end-users in few simple steps?
Read our Office Apps deployment articles

Identity Management

Find out how to set up AppID.

Identity management onboarding guide


Sync files in few easy steps.

SecuriSync® onboarding