This article describes the best practices how to manage Public Folders.

Public Folders Permissions

Important: to decrease propagation time, server load and improve Public Folders performance, it is strongly recommended to grant permissions to distribution lists, not to the individual users
Read the Knowledge Base article on Manage Permissions For Public Folders for more information.

Top-level Public Folder Permissions

The is no way to assign Owner permissions to the top-level Public Folder. By design, the maximum permissions level that can be assigned to the top-level folder is a Publishing Editor.

Subfolder Permissions

The end-user who has created the subfolder is automatically granted Owner permissions. The end users can manage the permissions to the subfolder via Outlook. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Do The Outlook Permissions Levels Mean? for more information.


  • HostPilotĀ® Control Panel feature to Propagate permission to subfolders for ALL users in Access List and Remove permissions for all users not in the access list not in the access list will successfully work if the Public Folder has not more than 300 folders. If there are more than 300 sub-folders, please contact Support.
  • If a user is granted different permissions for a top-level public folder, lower permission will be applied.
    For example: a Distribution List has Publishing editor permissions for a top-level Public Folder. It means that all members of this Distribution List have publishing editor permissions.
    One of the Distribution List members also has individual permissions which are set to Reviewer.
    In this case, Reviewer permissions will be applied.

Public Folders Permissions Propagation

If the permissions were changed via HostPilot, the standard propagation period is up for 2 hours. However, if your Public Folder has a complicated structure, the propagation might take longer time. If you have more than 300 subfolders per Public Folder, please contact Support to get assistance with the permissions propagation.

Known Issues

  • It is not recommended to rename the Public Folder in HostPilot as it can cause Public Folder performance issue.
  • Big Public Folders (more than 500 subfolders) may affect Outlook performance. It is recommended to create new Public Folder instead of adding new subfolders.
  • By default, Public subfolder size limit is 2Gb.