Known issues

  1. It is not known if these routers have SIP ALG. If SIP ALG is enabled, and cannot be disabled, this device is incompatible with the Cloud PBX service because SIP ALG causes intermittent problems with phone features, call failures, and registration problems. This router is listed as "more information needed" for this reason.
  2. DHCP DNS servers need to be changed to a set of efficient DNS servers to prevent registration failures on Polycom phones.


  1. Log into the router. The default log-in credentials are username: admin password: admin
  2. Click on Security > Firewall
    • Uncheck "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" and click Save.
    • Set SPI firewall protection to "Low"
  3. Click Setup > LAN Setup
    • Under LAN 1 Static DNS 1 change the value to:
    • Under LAN 1 Static DNS 2 change the value to:
    • Under LAN 1 Static DNS 3 change the value to your ISP's DNS server.
    • Click Save.

Recommended resolution

  1. Buy a recommended router if you don't have one and set it up.
    • Intermedia cannot setup the new router for you, but your IT or the manufacturer of your new router can help you. 
    • You will need to move settings from the old to the new router to ensure your computers and other devices on the network work properly.
  2. Call Cox to bridge the Cisco gateway to your new router.