Note: Effective June 1, 2018 we will remove the option to sell Email Continuity and Outlook Backup for Office 365 and effective October 1, 2018 we will be ending the life of those products.

To keep your mailflow after October 1, 2018, you will need to change your MX records. Read Microsoft Knowledge Base article to check correct MX records for your domain.

This feature availability depends on your plan.

Email Continuity is a feature that allows you to prevent the Exchange mail data loss during the outage on Office 365 servers.

Alternate info

Once the admin has enabled Email Continuity services for your mailbox, you will receive the email notification. You would need to provide the admin with the alternate email address and phone number that would be used to notify you that there is an ongoing emergency event.

Note: you will be asked to authenticate to your Microsoft account first.

Emergency event

When the Email Continuity is turned on, emails will be automatically routed to the emergency mailbox. You will receive an email notification with the login, temporary password, and a URL to access the emergency mailbox.

Contact your administrator if you haven’t received a notification email or if you forgot your password.

Emergency mailbox

The emergency mailbox will be accessible only the outage time. The emergency mailbox is an OWA-only mailbox is only accessible via the web browser. Mailbox data and Global Address List are available.

Important: during outage time the following functionalities are not available:

  • re-occurring meetings that were created before the outage 
  • data older than 30 days
  • forwarding settings for mailboxes (the emails will be delivered and will not be forwarded)
  • booking delegates for the resource mailbox will not be synced
  • calendar and email categories (colors) are not copied

Once Email Continuity is turned off, you will receive the notification that you can use your regular Office 365 mailbox and will be logged out of the emergency mailbox.

Note: All emails from the emergency mailbox will be delivered to your regular Office 365 mailbox. You will need to allow some time for the data to be synchronized between mailboxes.

Important: each time the Email Continuity event is turned on, you will receive a new login and password for the emergency mailbox.

Once Email Continuity event is switched off, the synchronization of the messages received to OWA-Only mailboxes during the outage will begin. When all data is synchronized to Office 365 mailboxes, users will be logged out from the emergency mailboxes:

  • if a mail folder was created in Emergency mailbox, it will be automatically created in Office 365
  • if a new item was created in Emergency mailbox, it will be synced to Office 365 mailbox
  • if an item within a folder was changed, it will be changed in Office 365 mailbox

Known issues

  • If some items (messages/calendars/contacts/tasks/notes/folders) were deleted in OWA, they will still be available in Office 365 mailbox
  • If an item was moved from one folder to another one in emergency mailbox, it will be duplicated