This article describes how to back up Sage files.

Set up automatic backups in Sage

Automatic backups

  1. Go to Setup, Settings, Company, Backup
  2. Put a check mark for Automatically back up this file
  3.  Change the backup frequency from Monday to Daily
  4. Click Browse >select the folder where you want the backup files to be written to. 

For more instructions read the Sage Knowledge Base. If you have some issues with Sage files, contact Sage support directly.

Point Sage backup folder to SecuriSync

The folder with the backup of Sage files can be synced to the SecuriSync. You can create a folder under My SecuriSync > New > Folder.

After the folder is created, you can upload the Sage backups and ensure that the backup data is synced with the cloud. Read the Knowledge Base article on Managing SecuriSync Settings for more information.