This article describes the best practices on how to backup .PST files.

A Personal Folders file (.pst) is an Outlook data file that stores the messages and other items on the computer. Since .PST files are regularly pretty large, we do not recommend backing up .PST files with SecuriSync. End-user mailboxes are usually backed up by the mail provider. Also, in most cases, Outlook desktop clients are configured in  Cached Mode, which means that the local PST file only has a subset (last couple of months) of the mail items in the mailbox. As such, a backup of the local PST file would not facilitate a full mailbox backup.

A PST file is also a database file which changes frequently, and thus is not a good fit for a real-time backup. This file type is excluded by default.

It is recommended to use the Outlook Backup feature in order to backup .PST files. Outlook Backup is an optional feature and is available in HostPilot® Control Panel > Services > Outlook Backup.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Overview Of Outlook Backup for more information.

To prevent SecuriSync storage issues, we recommend modifying the Backup Policy and using the File Type Exclusions feature to prevent users from keeping .PST files in SecuriSync.

You can manage File Type Exclusions in HostPilot > Services > SecuriSync > Policies > Backup policy > File Type Exclusions.

File Type Exclusions

Alternatively, it is possible to exclude folders that have .PST files from real-time backup by modifying the Folder Path Exclusions in HostPilot> Services > SecuriSync > Policies > Backup policy > Folder Path Exclusions.

Folder Path Exclusions

Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync: Backup Policy (Admin Guide) for more information.